Supplies of components for the lighting industry

What services does EURO METRICS support the lighting industry with?

We provide high quality castings, extruded parts, machined parts, forgings and stamped parts for a variety of commercial and consumer lighting products. When fulfilling an order, we manage the entire supply chain process, including inventory, warehousing, quality control and more. We provide full support from our engineers.

We supply castings, forgings and extruded parts for a wide range of lighting applications including road, architectural, infrastructure, commercial and retail applications.


What benefits will your company achieve thanks to our services?

  • – more profitable solutions,
  • – shorter lead times for orders for components,
  • – engineering and production solutions of the highest class,
  • – many other value-added services.

EURO METRICS provides a complete supply chain management solution focused on elements such as: quality, cost, service and lead time.

With our proprietary supply chain solutions, we can help:

  • – reduce the cost of components by 20-55%,
  • – reduce the stock level from more than 56 days to 3 days,
  • – help customers develop customized products that meet extensive quality specification requirements.

Our services are dedicated for large-series production inquiries.

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    The lighting industry is burdened with pressures to rapidly market lighting products, changing requirements, short lead times for large project needs, and a continuous need to reduce weight and improve costs to beat cheaper options from China.

    EURO METRICS has been working with clients in the lighting industry for 12 years. We work with a customer-oriented approach, facilitating the production of castings, moldings, plastic lenses and selected moldings for a variety of commercial and consumer lighting products.




    What components do we make?

    From housings and canopies to reflectors, flanges and fixings, EURO METRICS offers a variety of supply chain solutions. Our products have resulted in customer satisfaction, which translated into over a decade of cooperation with satisfied customers.

    How do we work?

    Why is our customer-oriented approach so beneficial to your business?

    Our customer-oriented approach means creating win-win solutions for all participants of the process. We will help you to implement outsourcing strategies that are cost effective and reliable. Global suppliers are strategically selected basing on their ability and “history” to produce high-quality parts quickly and consistently.

    Performance without compromise is standard for every component we supply. Cost-effective solutions, shorter lead times for products and tools, value-added finishing and warehousing services: these are the ingredients of EURO METRICS’ recipe for high-quality products and efficient supply chain solutions.

    In what technologies can we make components?

    • Casting: pressure casting, lost wax method, as well as in sand molds,
    • CNC machining,
    • Forging,
    • Squeezing,
    • Stamping and bending.


    EURO METRICS also offers additional services and operations that is an important element of our offer:

    • Inventory Management,
    • Finishing,
    • Product Inspections,
    • 3D Printing,
    • Product Rework and Repacking,
    • Supply Chain,
    • Engineering, and more


    To arrange a consultation, please contact us at

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