Sourcing Suppliers

Euro Metrics Sourcing Suppliers

Euro Metrics works with suppliers across the
globe to bring you the best manufacturing resources.

  • Our criteria for suppliers includes:
    • ISO certification 
    • Advanced Facilities 
    • Engineering Resources 
    • Solid History of Quality 
    • On-Time Production

A contract manufacturing service provider can relieve you of the hassle of identifying and verifying suppliers – particularly offshore suppliers.

We have offshore sourcing experience and we are able to quickly identify a supplier who can best meet your needs. We know which companies possess the capability to manufacture your parts, we have visited and audited the production facilities, and know which suppliers have the best track record for quality and on-time tooling and production.

Euro Metrics is a proven global sourcing and supply chain management company. With affiliated offices in Mumbai/India; Ningbo and Shenzhen/China; Columbus/USA; Apadoca/Mexico we have the ability to save your business time and money by handling logistics on a global scale with speed and efficiency.

Euro Metrics’ strength comes from relentlessly diversifying the industries served, the customer base, the geographical footprint, the sourcing strategy and the commodity reach. Thanks to the global sourcing, Euro Metrics can reduce your cost, decrease your inventory requirements and cut lead times

Identifying Suppliers

  • The EURO METRICS supplier management process utilizes sourcing agents and quality engineers. We source manufacturing suppliers based on quality, delivery time and price. Our criteria for suppliers include ISO certification, advanced manufacturing facilities, proven ability for the capability promised, engineering resources, QA, and on-time production. All EURO METRICS suppliers must pass our own stringent audit for manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance. They are also required to demonstrate quality and delivery capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of our global customers.
  • Diversified geographical presence to meet customers’ needs.


Euro Metrics chooses its locations based on three distinct strategies:

  • Euro Metrics warehousing locations must be within 3 days reach of its customers
  • Euro Metrics engineers should be within 4-8 hours of any supplier location
  • Euro Metrics  suppliers can be located anywhere as long as they offer the best combination of cost, quality and delivery metrics. The company currently sources from China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Taiwan and Europe and continues to look for new suppliers globally.


Euro Metrics has been able to have multiple locations for sourcing and customer warehousing due to SAP and MESH Works – a cloud-based global sourcing, procurement, and quality management system. These systems make key information about parts, pricing, quality, inventory and logistics readily available globally so team members can make informed decisions and remain flexible around customers’ needs.


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