Domestic Operations

Euro Metrics Domestic Operations

Many customers require domestic manufacturing operations to facilitate special orders. Euro Metrics offers a range of operations domestic to streamline your component requirements.

  • Parts customization.
  • KTL coating.
  • Painting or powder coating.
  • Addition of part features such as holes, threads, markings. 
  • Assembly to reduce customer costs.
  • While the bulk of the manufacturing operations on behalf of Euro Metrics customers occurs overseas, there are occasions when special requirements make it necessary to complete certain manufacturing steps at local-based production facilities. We are ready to accommodate those special needs, offering a range of capabilities through domestic manufacturing. partners to add unique features on special-order components.
  • Consolidating steps to streamline assembly and reduce overall production costs.
  • Facilitating powder coating and painting for low-quantity and special batch production runs.

Domestic Manufacturing Operations

  • Special coatings and finishes (including KTL, painting and powder coating).
  • Mechanical assemblies.
  • Final machining.
  • Anodizing.
  • Addition of part features such as holes, threads, markings. Inventory Management.
  • Warehousing | JIT | KANBAN.
  • We have enhanced order processing, billing, inventory management, ERP, and EDI systems, which allows us to mirror our customer’s warehousing solutions. We manage the inventory process and provide JIT shipping of your parts and. components.
  • Warehousing Facilities
    • Świebodzin (Poland, EU)
    • Ohio (USA)
    • California (USA)
    • Tijuana (Mexico)
    • Juarez (Mexico)
    • Monterrey (Mexico)


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