Suppies of high quality components

How can we support automotive industry?

  • Quick product & tooling lead times.
  • Provide high-quality castings, forgings, machinings, stampings and more to many major automotive OEM & Tier I/II customers.
  • Competitive pricing for all manufactured parts & tooling.
  • Prime in building many common automotive parts including housings, manifolds, connectors, transmission components, brackets & more.
  • Deliver best-in-class global supply chain solutions, warehousing, engineering solutions, inventory management, quality management & more.

Our commitment to you:

Euro Metrics will provide your business with the highest quality parts and components, manufactured to your specifications, delivered on time, every time.

  • Automotive industry is seeing proliferation of components due to mass customization and a variety of powertrains and engine technologies
  • Electrification of vehicles adds further complexity needing ever more variety of high mix components and assemblies. Euro Metrics provides several types of components including aluminum die castings, magnesium castings, gravity cast, iron castings, steel investment castings for OEM and Tier I/II customers.
  • Components include under the hood components such as oil pump, water pump housings, manifolds, connectors, transmission components and variety of brackets. Our supplier partners also specialize in a variety of chassis components, vibration components, interior seat components, speaker housings, and a variety of components.
  • Our growing list of global suppliers gives us the advantage of being able to provide optimum balance of cost, quality, delivery and lead times. We provide our customers with best-in-class tooling lead times, capital savings of almost 60% on tooling and access to our industry product design, tooling and quality experts. Euro Metrics offers global supply chain solution, warehousing with full kaizen, JIT and assembly services coupled with full APQP, project management, quality audits and inspection services.


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