Euro Metrics Electrical & Power Solutions

  • Provide high-quality castings, forgings, machinings, stampings & more
  • Create win-win manufacturing solutions for electrical Tier I & II customers
  • Deliver best-in-class engineering & global supply chain solutions
  • Provide many value-added services including warehousing, inventory management, quality management, product inspections, powder coatings & more
  • Cost-effective product & tooling solutions

EURO METRICS offers a variety of supply chain solutions. Our products have resulted in customer satisfaction, which translated into over a decade of cooperation.

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Our commitment to you:

Euro Metrics will provide your business with the highest quality parts and components, manufactured to your specifications, delivered on time, every time.

  • With over 30 years of combined experience serving the electrical industry, Euro Metrics brings its customer-centric approach to the electrical and power industries, offering a variety of supply chain solutions that have resulted in many satisfied, repeat customers
  • The Euro Metrics approach creates win-win solutions to help electrical manufacturers to pursue outsourcing strategies that are cost-effective and reliable. Global suppliers are selected strategically based on their capabilities and their “track record” for producing high-quality parts quickly and consistently.
  • Performance without compromise is the standard for every component we provide. Cost-effective solutions, shorter lead times for products and tooling, and value-added finishing and warehousing services: those are the ingredients in the Euro Metrics recipe for quality products and efficient supply chain solutions.
  • Euro Metrics provides demanding copper components, brass and bronze components, high purity copper forgings, CNC machined components and a variety of zinc and aluminum die castings.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Die Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Sand Casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Forging
  • Extrusions
  • Stamping & Bending

The Advantages of Euro Metrics for Electrical & Power Manufacturers

  • Euro Metrics provides a complete supply chain management solution, centered on:
  • Quality, Cost, Service, & Leadtime
  • Through our engineered supply chain solutions, Euro Metrics can help reduce your component costs by 20-55% compared. Euro Metrics can reduce your inventory levels from more than 56 days down to 3 days. Euro Metrics helps clients develop custom-engineered products that meet extensive quality specification requirements.
  • Euro Metrics offers many value-added services including:
  • Inventory Management, Finishing, Product Inspections, Warehousing, 3D Printing, Product Rework and Repacking, Supply Chain, Engineering, and More


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