Automotive customer in the EURO METRICS portfolio

EURO METRICS organizes the entire logistics process, providing customers with high-quality products, such as mechanical components at the optimal time, while ensuring the best possible price conditions.

These strengths convinced our newest customer, this time a leading manufacturer of truck parts, to use our services. The automotive industry requires high precision, because mechanical components determine the safety of not only direct users of the parts, but also other road users.

Safety is a key factor in the project entrusted to us, therefore the mechanical properties of the delivered components are very important. We will meet these high requirements using sand casting technology for production. The material selected for production will be ductile iron.

The customer decided to cooperate with EURO METRICS for several reasons, but the priority benefits for him are:

  • reduction of production costs – thanks to the extensive portfolio of suppliers that EURO METRICS can present, the production of mechanical parts can be performed at a lower price than before. This will positively affect the cost level of the entire production process,
  • logistics – EURO METRICS will take care of planning the production of mechanical parts, quality supervision, warehousing and delivering parts Just-in-Time to the customer,
  • quick response to technical problems and offers – our team quickly and accurately diagnosed the problems presented by the customer and proposed technical solutions for the casting process. This allowed us to present an offer that met the customer expectations.

In the era of global competition, speed of action allows you to achieve an advantage, which is why a logistics partner should keep pace with the industry with which it cooperates. This is also how EURO METRICS works – we adjust the entire logistics process to our customer schedule.

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