Chrome plating

Another method of protecting materials by applying a special coating is chrome plating.

Chrome plating is the process of coating metal objects and plastics with a chrome coating. They are used to increase resistance to wear, improve thermal properties or for decorative purposes, as well as to improve mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Electrolytic methods are most commonly used. This process on steel elements is carried out at a temperature of
900-1050 °C for about three to even twelve hours, depending on the technique used. These can be bathing techniques as well as powder and gas. Usually this process involves immersing a given object in a bath filled with chromium saline solutions, which are heated to several dozen degrees Celsius.

The most important benefits of chromium coatings are: high hardness, abrasion resistance, non-stickiness, chemical resistance. Chrome plating is usually applied directly on steel, copper, brass and other metals.


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