Quality control at every stage – comprehensive supply chain management

Our domain is the logistics of metal mechanical components,starting from the design and production process, up to delivery to the customer’s production line. The production process itself begins with choosing the right supplier, but sometimes even earlier, with the design of new solutions by an internal team of engineers.

The customer communicates a demand for specific components. After analyzing the data, unless a new, improved design is required, we select a production technology that will allow us to achieve the client’s goals, and then we collect offers from our certified suppliers to select the optimal solution.

What does it mean that the supplier is certified?

A certified EURO METRICS supplier is one that we have personally verified. Each time it is a company with implemented quality management standards, confirmed by an ISO certificate. In addition, it was also audited by our quality controllers. They have verified the processes carried out in the factory and confirmed the high quality of manufactured mechanical elements.

Valuation at various suppliers

We quote production at various suppliers to check all available options. Each of these manufacturers is a proven partner. Due to their different locations and access to other resources, both materials and manpower, they can offer different levels of prices. We compare the offers in accordance with the criteria provided by clients and we select the optimal solutions for them.

Quality control at every stage – comprehensive supply chain management

After accepting the offer, we start production and complete the order. Quality control is carried out by us at every stage of this process and all details are corrected on an ongoing basis.

EURO METRICS manages the supply chain of components produced for the customer and takes responsibility for their timely production and delivery. Thanks to our knowledge and a network of verified contractors, we help clients improve the logistics process and reduce the costs of logistics as well as the components costs themselves. We manage stocks in an optimal way for the customer, and we always deliver orders on time.

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