Consolidation of orders and supplies as a solution for production supply problems

The crisis related to the restrictions on the work, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed the situation in existing business relations.
Many manufacturing companies used to cooperate with precise parts suppliers, who were specialized in their industry and improved their narrow range of products. Unfortunately, the unexpected downturn forced some of these producers to leave the market because of the cost pressure. In this situation, new needs of the manufacturing industry have emerged, for which a dedicated solution is needed.

Consolidation of suppliers – new service in supply chain for industry

Consolidation of mechanical parts suppliers is the solution for current problems. Collective orders of the entire production group allow to carry out orders at attractive prices, with the highest level of quality. The process is handled by local European logistic coordinators, who take care of deadlines and organize the entire logistics process.

Comprehensive handling of incoming orders

EURO METRICS ensures not only the coordination of the entire design, production and logistics of the ordered parts. Additionaly it offers a comprehensive service for orders coming from various customer factories. For production groups located in the European Union, it provides a service of orders, which involves their consolidation and optimization of delivery dates. Moreover, thanks to the MES Group’s branches in China, India or Mexico and globally located warehouses, EURO METRICS’ offer includes the management of customers’ suppliers, as well as full acquisition of supply management and optimisation of the supplier portfolio.

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