Logistic support for lighting industry!

The lighting industry is a modern industry with fierce competition. New technologies stimulate the race, which takes place simultaneously on several fields.

On the one hand, it is a technological race. Lighting companies are focused on the lighting efficacy, which in an era of global warming, rising energy prices and an emphasis on energy efficiency is becoming an inseparable factor in customer judgment. To ensure high efficiency, not only the light sources are important. We need to care of the quality and operation of the entire system, which is the lighting fixture. Only the highest standards of component production allow to produce solutions used in Smart City systems.

On the other hand, lighting industry takes part of an organizational race. It is easy to establish business relations with partners in another country or on another continent in a global village, but equally easily problems arising in one part of the world are spreading to other regions. Based on events from last two years, our thoughts are going towards the COVID-19, but not only such inconveniences can have a negative impact on lighting production in Poland.

What can we offer to the lighting industry?

EURO METRICS is a Polish company representing the MES group in Europe. We support clients from the lighting industry by organizing a comprehensive logistics process that ensures the delivery of high-quality components in the required time.

We work with a network of suppliers located in Asia (China, India, Vietnam) and South America. We are working on the development of suppliers in the United States and Europe. We cooperate with factories that comply with the high quality standards introduced by the MES group, which we regularly audit. We directly participate in managing projects implemented for our clients. The products are delivered in a schedule planned and organized by MES, so as to best match delivery dates to production plans. The whole is controlled by a team of experts who carry out quality control of the implementation of the order at various stages, as well as ensure the correct course of logistics processes.

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