MES solutions for electric vehicles

We supply electric vehicles with mechanical components such as inverters, power electronic controllers, stators, rotors, motor housings and chassis components. We assist in the design of lightweight metal components to help reduce energy consumption.
With our supply chain solutions we can help your company to lower the cost of components. We assist clients in developing bespoke products that perfectly meet quality specifications.

The advantages of MES solutions for electric vehicles

Comprehensive solutions in supply chain management are focused on the optimal matching of four elements: quality, cost, service and implementation time.

  • We work with many suppliers who provide castings, forgings, machining elements and stampings for electric vehicles,
  • We offer best-in-class engineering and global supply chain solutions,
  • Our products and services are affordable,
  • We provide fast order fulfillment times,
  • We offer our clients many services, including: engineering design, technological problem solving, quality management.

Additional advantages of our services are: inventory management, product quality control, storage, processing, assembly, repackaging of products and 3D printing.

The performance, technology and range of electric vehicles are evolving with continual improvements in batteries and motors. The production of mechanical components requires following these changes in order to best match the parts to the new solutions. Our supplier portfolio includes companies specializing in rapid response engineering and engineering change management. We are constantly developing the portfolio of local European suppliers.


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