Quality management in EURO METRICS

In the MES group, we use project management tools and APQP tools to track each step of the tool design and production process, that we are implementing for our clients.

The actions we take to ensure the highest quality of products offered to our customers are:

  • approval of tool designs with the client before kick-off,
  • design monitoring and control during tool building,
  • project management within the whole scope of production part approval process (PPAP),
  • analysis of critical specifications from customers, providing suppliers with the necessary information to prepare the tools,
  • supplier development and quality support to ensure the accuracy of methods and measurements,
  • outsourcing of external controls of raw materials in independent laboratories (if needed),
  • carrying out research in which MES quality and supply engineers are involved,
  • monitoring and confirmation of delivery dates for our clients,
  • using optimum transport solutions.

We also set the bar high for ourselves. Our internal procedures are in line with the demanding standards of the ISO 9001 quality management system, for which we hold accreditation.

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