Safety comes first – the mechanical components for elevators and moving platforms

Safety is crucial – this rule is not always in use, but, however, there are situations where it is especially important!

For example, when you are a supplier of parts for elevators and platforms that transport people. Their design, production and quality control of all stages of this process must be of the highest level. The leading position in this field have companies from Europe and Japan. They use the latest technologies that make customers feel comfortable and safe.

Our customer from Netherlands requested once again whether we would provide him the appropriate parts according specification presented by him. This shows that the previous projects carried out for him proved the high standard of the components we supply and built trust, thanks to which we could cooperate again.

The order consisted of two stainless steel components and one die-cast aluminum. The parts we manufacture will have to work with bearing blocks, located in several places along with the elevator profile, to secure key parts throughout the structure – bearings and shafts.

According to the order, the parts had to be cast in such a way that they met the strict requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with a tolerance of H7.

ISO has a whole system of tolerances and machining classes for various metals and alloys. According to them, the tolerance for a specific casting is determined by the casting method. As a EURO METRICS customer ordered two different parts for two different products, we chose the following casting methods which then determined the tolerance levels:

  • in the case of stainless steel parts, we used the lost wax casting process; this precise process is usually used when casting smaller parts and achieves very small dimensional tolerances,
  • the best way out for casting aluminum parts was the die casting process. This fast manufacturing process allows us to produce thousands of identical castings within the specified tolerances. One of the many advantages of die casting is that we can produce aluminum and other metal parts with complex shapes.

Quality control process

A team of engineers was involved in the entire process to ensure that the customer received the highest quality components. Designing a part is not enough. The quality management process is equally important.

We spent a lot of time finishing both aluminum and stainless steel cast parts. We constantly checked tolerance levels and monitored product quality. There were no problems meeting the H7 tolerance criteria thanks to our extremely strict quality control procedure. It includes adherence to a very detailed and proprietary quality checklist by our auditors. This ensures that each part meets our expectations, but also meets the requirements of our customers.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of mechanical components for elevators and lifts, who supplies components that meet the highest quality standards? Let’s talk about your projects!

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