Supplier diversification strategy

Eaton employs a supplier diversification strategy with long-term sustainable economic impacts in mind. In this way, it has an impact on local communities and the economy by engaging various companies. MES is a strategic supplier to Eaton. This year, we once again participated in the annual supplier diversity survey.

The goal of the Supplier Diversity strategy is to build a strategic partnership with organizations such as MES based on three basic pillars: innovation and values, business integration and business development. It consists in:

  • Increasing the participation of various companies in the entire supply chain,
  • Setting and achieving annual, differentiated budgetary targets in all areas,
  • Use of advanced analytics in benchmarking and continuous improvement,
  • Active participation in diversity education conventions, events and organizations.

Eaton’s award-winning supplier diversity program is an important policy component of the National Minority Supplier Development Council and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.
Certification bodies help Eaton maintain a third-party verified database of various vendors. EURO METRICS, as a member of the MES Group, hopes that we will continue to support EATON’s strategic goals for supplier diversity and deliver top quality products every time, on time.

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