How minimalism can work in the supply chain?

What is minimalism in business?

Minimalism – following the dictionary, minimization of requirements, needs and aspirations. Most people consider it as a trend or movement, that is popular in lifestyle and now implemented to business. The core of minimalism in business is a coordinated effort to simplify the complicated, control chaos, and give up the irrelevant.

At MES Group we analyze processes concerning thee comprehensive supply chain management point of view. In this way we have defined minimalism as a supply chain streamlining strategy to create more efficient, effective and harmonious operations.

The benefits of minimalism in the supply chain

We proposed this solution to one of our clients, a company recognized around the world as a leader in the transport of plastic products and components.

According to the philosophy of minimalism, we reduced the number of his suppliers to a cost-effective level. This positively influenced the ability to plan, manage and stock the product for JIT delivery.

Whole case study you can find here, on website

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