The war caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine has repercussions also in the raw materials market. We wrote about the price increase caused by the Russian attack a few weeks ago.

Today, it can be seen that it is not only the prices of raw materials that are the problem. Increasingly, local producers suffer from a lack of raw materials, as the existing supply channels are no longer available.

The discussed military conflict is not the only factor having a negative impact on supply logistics. It seemed we could slowly recognize COVID-19 as a factor that no longer has such an impact on the industrial supply chain. Until recently. In the last week, we have received disturbing information that new production complexes are stopping their operation due to new infection focuses.

How to plan when global logistics is exposed to turbulence?

How to plan production with so many factors complicating the smooth implementation of the planned deliveries of components? The answer, however, is: diversification. Having suppliers in different locations, you can partially neutralize problems related to even such important events as the next wave of epidemics or military conflicts.

Can not be ordered in China? India seems problem free at the moment. There are no semi-products available in Europe? In Mexico, we have access to them all the time.

You don’t have regular suppliers in Mexico, India, China and other key locations? We have. We invite you to talk – we will organize a supply chain for your company!

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